Obama Treasury Choice Withdraws; Faced Democratic Opposition - Abc News

January 13, 2015

Obama says the Palestinians' application to the court isn't constructive and undermines trust with Israel. The U.S. is reviewing its aid package to the Palestinians because of their bid to join the court. The White House says Obama also told Netanyahu the U.S. is working toward a nuclear deal that prevents Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.
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Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a liberal independent who caucuses with Democrats, said Obama does not need advisers who come from Wall Street. "I have no personal animosity toward Mr. Weiss but I am very glad he withdrew his nomination," Sanders said. The withdrawal was first reported by Politico.
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Obama Says NBA's Spurs Represent What US Should Be About - ABC News

Obama says the Spurs have become the United Nations of basketball teams due to the team's diversity. He says it shows how basketball has become an international sport. Obama singled the team out for hiring WNBA star Becky Hammon last year. She's the first full-time, paid female assistant on an NBA coaching staff. Obama praised the Spurs for their public service efforts on literacy and community development in San Antonio.
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Obama calls for stronger personal data protection - Yahoo News

View photo U.S. President Barack Obama holds up an autographed basketball as he welcomes president Obama student loan forgiveness the 2014 NBA Champion San WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama spoke by phone on Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about ongoing nuclear talks with Iran and about the Palestinian move to become a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the White House said. "President Obama underscored that the United States does not believe Palestinian accession to the ICC is a constructive way forward," the White House said, repeating the U.S. position that the Palestinian Authority is not a sovereign state and does not qualify to join the court. (Reporting by Roberta Rampton; Editing by Eric Walsh) Politics & Government
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Obama, Netanyahu discuss Iran talks, Palestinian ICC move - Yahoo News

"Right now, almost every state has a different law on this, and it's confusing for consumers and it's confusing for companies -- and it's costly, too," Obama told the Federal Trade Commission, the US consumer protection agency. Highlighting the countless transactions that people make online, Obama quipped that "Secret Service does not let me do that. But I know other people do." "If we're going to be connected, then we need to be protected," he said, adding that the problem "costs us billions of dollars." The new legislation would require companies to inform their clients within 30 days of a breach, and would include a consumer bill of rights to better help customers control how their data is shared. Meanwhile, the proposed Student Digital Privacy Act would prevent sale of students' personal data to third parties for any purpose besides education. Obama also highlighted a pledge made by 75 businesses that promised not to sell information for student-targeted advertising. "I hope Congress joins us in this national movement to protect the privacy of our children," Obama said, calling the problem a bipartisan issue.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/obama-calls-stronger-personal-data-protection-205356598.html

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